An apple falls from the tree.

My teen daughter has begun her own blog. I helped her get it rolling, actually, since it seemed like a good outlet for her to release some of her angst, happiness, tension, frustrations, etc. She is an enthusiastic writer, but to this point has shared little of what she produces with the outside world (and by “outside” I also mean us, her family!). It’s my selfish hope that by beginning to blog, she’ll share some of her talent with the rest of us.

Allowing the girl to have a blog is yet another hurdle in this new age of technology + parenting. Although for the moment it is open to the public, I have made it clear that Mom gets the passwords (just like with other sites, e.g. Facebook), and I have disabled the Google-ability of her blog. This should keep people from “stumbling” upon her site unannounced. But still, it is one more thing for me to police — added to the cell phone, text messages, email in-box, Facebook….the list goes on. (Frankly, I remain wary because I don’t know what I don’t know….yeesh!)

I’m as curious as the next person about her blog. I am going to sit back quietly and lurk invisibly as best I can.  I expect I will learn more about her than I already know…and what I know already is pretty great! Watch this space: The Adventures of SuperIRL (or whatever she’s calling it!).

Writer. Now Blogger. Always interesting, despite a bit of Teenage Attitude.

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