I am having the perfect day. To wit:

  1. I woke up before the alarm, feeling refreshed.
  2. I got on the scale and wasn’t horrified.
  3. I didn’t have to climb over dogs to make breakfast.
  4. I found the perfect gifts for my nephew and brother in law.
  5. The kids have found waaay more things to do on this day off than simply watch tv.
  6. No one has complained that they are bored; no one has complained that they are hungry and there’s nothing to eat.
  7. I walked into the house after being out for a while, and discovered everyone had picked up the stray socks and orphaned shoes.
  8. Amazingly, the kids decided to pick up all the random sports balls left all over the yard and put them away.
  9. The study room/play room looks neat and tidy — as if maybe elves came through and straightened up.
  10.  The stink bugs have disappeared.

HA. April Fools!
In actuality only the very first statement is true, but I am having the perfect day:

  1. The alarm woke me up this morning, but there were no dogs in my bed so I could stretch the full length of it.
  2. The stars aligned properly and my hair looks pretty good — which is saying something since I had to go to the City today to take Claire to the Curly Salon.
  3. The weather is spectacular.
  4. The New York City traffic wasn’t terrible at all and the city was fantastic today.
  5. The children don’t seem particularly combative with each other.
  6. Daughter #1 made brownies.
  7. I found a free hour in my schedule on Monday that I didn’t know I had.
  8. The afternoon running around appears to be manageable — I don’t have to be 3 places at the same time.
  9. I received word that my Zappo’s order is en route.
  10.  I have a dinner plan that should not make anyone cry.

Little things, happy day.

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