I saw this several years ago somewhere — don’t know where — and I found it again tonight when I was scrolling through a bunch of talented (mostly women) writers’  blogs and was reminded of it by something I read. It’s from a Dear Abby column, written by “Just Another Dad in Arizona.” Now and then when I’m on my game, I remember bits and pieces of it during my crazy days: 


Helps me keep my perspective. Probably ought to keep it posted prominently where I can see it 22 hours a day…

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5 Responses to “Amen.”

  1. cindy Says:

    As the mom of a 12 year-old who is currently in bed with ‘flu and quiet as a mouse, I can appreciate this. Think I’ll print it and stick it on my fridge!

  2. Cheese Says:

    I really like this one, Al. You might even have shown it to me many moons ago. There isn’t a parent alive who wouldn’t benefit from posting this where it is available around the clock!! Have a peaceful day. xoxo

  3. The Drama Mama Says:

    I have never read this one. It’s beautiful and a great reminder!! Thanks for sharing it.

    Stopping in from Supah’s.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Wow–very moving. Yet again, just what I needed to read!

    freeassociationphoto says:

    I love this, and would love to work it into a piece I’m working on for my husband… do you think I need to get permission?

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