There's Wisdom in Them Blogs…

In the past several weeks I’ve been ratcheting up my postings, and as a result I’ve been doing a lot more reading through others’ blogs. I must say, it’s been delightful. There are so many interesting (mostly women) writers out there! (I say mostly women because their sites are where I’ve ended up.  Nothing personal, gentlemen.)

I’m going to be a bit more dedicated to keeping up the Blogroll on the bottom on this page, if only because I’d love to pass along some really great wisdom, stories, giggles, and opinions to any of you who happen to stop by. Please take a minute (oh, who am I kidding — an hour, at least) out of your day and do some reading. You won’t be sorry!

And as my first recommendation, hop over to Grace Adams’s site Looks Great Naked. She’s the mom of some teenagers and I’ve found her to be a very wise and forgiving soul — which in turn leads me to be more wise and forgiving (of myself for starters). I recommend you begin with her post “I’d Rather Make Out Too” and then read today’s entry.  (And yes, I was as surprised as anyone to see my name in her blog. Surprised, delighted, and flattered. Thank you, Grace.)

My new refrigerator may have to take a back seat to Grace for a while…

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3 Responses to “There's Wisdom in Them Blogs…”

  1. Megan (Best of Fates) Says:

    Isn’t it so easy to get sucked into blogs then find yourself wandering around hours later, having no idea how you’ve just spent the day? Oh, blogs, such an amazing time sucking joy.

    p.s.~ Hope to see you at Philly Boot Camp!

  2. Grace Says:

    Had to stop by to say thanks! I still think it’s a great idea!

  3. Anoop Says:

    My great story:In August 2008, the dearest frined of mine in the whole world, DenaJoy had colon cancer. Then in September of 2008, Hurricane Ike hit Houston Texas and proceeded to severely damage everything in the first floor of our townhome. We had to go live in a converted garage (converted to studio) near a frined’s house.DenaJoy had the cancer surgery in September, then, recovered with my and everyone’s help, and I got a Tibetan master healer to work on her for four sessions, this cured the cancer, there has not been a reoccurrence to this date.We lived in the garage until January 2009, when we moved to Austin, Texas, to a place larger and nicer than the townhome. This was a great blessing!DenaJoy had complications from the surgery, adhesions, during most of 2009. From all of this she has been made aware of deep emotional work she needs to do. I feel this will turn out well for her spiritual growth.Again I feel I have a blessed life!! Within the realm of my necessities of life, house, food, love, spirit, I have it all.I am grateful for my blessings. I have yet to find the way to manifesting the great inventions to save the world or causing the means for this to be accomplished. By causing the means, I mean that money needs to flow, and for wealth to happen one needs to be a conduit for money flow. That’s way giving without expectations of receiving is so important.Love, thoughts of loving 100% of the time,Dena Meier

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