I’ve Been Hacked

UPDATE!  Things are improving slowly — although I remain full of hate for google and gmail, the Yahoo! people turned out to be lovely and that email address has been shut down. Gmail continues to maintain that I’m not who I say I am, so I’m out of luck in terms of reclaiming that address. Having talked to the FBI in Newark yesterday,  however, I’m reassured that this will resolve sooner or later (later, at this rate).

My apologies to our Neighbors to the North — seems I was hasty in blaming the fine folks in Halifax. Turns out the hack originated here at home, in my computer, via a keystroke hack. No way to know who allowed it in (me, or the kids), but the fact is it got in and the rest is chaos. Friends, get thee to the Malwarebytes site and download the free software….do a “full scan” on your computers. Save yourselves!

Sorry I blamed you, Nova Scotia. I really did have a great time…dead flies, squirrel poop, and incomprehensible accents and all. (Blog post to follow later this week!)


If you’ve found your way here as a means to figure out if I was really mugged in Wales — NOT — and need money — NO (well, I guess everyone could, but NO) —

the very bad news is that I’ve been hacked. I suspect it happened in Halifax, NS this morning…and the really bad news is that I have no way to get myself out of it as Gmail can’t verify it’s me reporting the trouble, and neither can yahoo.

SO — DISREGARD any emails from me that are from either gmail or yahoo! — and disregard me on Facebook and Twitter too, for the time being.

What a mess. Today I am really hating the World Wide Web.

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