Maybe the Luddites were on to something.

You may have heard my emails and such were hacked. I’m still traumatized by the experience, and the trust has been destroyed between my PC and me. So I decided to join the young, hip kids. . .and I bought an iMac yesterday. I think I may love it, but I’m still not sure because I’ve got so much to try to pry out of the old PC — it’s making me very nervous to think about leaving it behind as I march off into the New World of Mac. I’m so nervous, in fact, I’ve got the PC up and running next to the sexy new Mac. (Trust may be gone, but it’s all I’ve known for so long…how do I begin again with someone something new?)

First, I must say those people at Apple have the design thing down. If only everything in my world were this sleek and clean (myself included). This computer is gorgeous. And when I finally disconnect my PC, the amount of space I’ll have on my desk will be crazy. I might actually be able to use the desk for something other than holding small bundles of papers to be filed. However, I remain perplexed by the mysteries of the Mac operating system. (So much so, I don’t even know what it’s called.) Why will it not recognize my external hard drive? My life would be so much simpler if they all could just get along. I have a date with the boys at my local Apple store — I hope to be learned by the end of the week. (Ok, more learned. Ok, less ignorant.)

My iTunes remain trapped in the external hard drive. This isn’t so bad — it’s only upwards of 6,000 songs (you do the math). The thing is, I do know how to move it back to the C drive so it can be transferred to iMagical — the problem is, I’m of the “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…” mentality (or “once burned, twice shy,” choose your cliche). The only reason iTunes is on an external hard drive in the first place is that *I* moved it. It would stand to reason that *I* can move it back, right?

Well, maybe the old me. The new me has had enough technology in the past 6 weeks to last a lifetime. I’m fatigued. (I’d use the phrase “battle weary” but there’s been no one shooting at me, so I’ll refrain from the overly melodramatic. I’ll stay *this side* of melodramatic.) I’ve registered a domain; left for another host; crashed the blog; lost my index file (whatever that is); found it again; resurrected the blog; changed the theme; messed around with code when I had no business doing so; been hacked; survived the hack; secured one account and fought with Google about another; opened a third email account; provided a government ID to Facebook to confirm, Yes, it’s me; spent hours and hours figuring out who needed to know the new me is now hotmail and not yahoo or gmail (and I’m still not done)….The most impressive thing about this list is that we all must keep in mind I understood only about 50% of what I was doing. Thank goodness I’m only messing around on a computer and, oh yes, parenting four children. Imagine if I was in charge of FIFA’s referees, the Gulf cleanup, or the Israeli blockade. Yikes.

And it’s only the end of June, people.

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  1. K. Alamandy Says:

    If you go to the Apple Store in the Bridgewater Mall you can ask for Thomas Hyland.

    They will most likely tell you the hard drive issue is due to the file system, I am very farmiliar with this particular issue/ error.

  2. Another chance. | Common Sense, Dancing Says:

    […] I got a new computer after The Great Email Hack of June 2010. It’s a lovely shiny new Mac. The children have an lovely old(er) Mac in the next room. Whose computer are they using? Without asking? […]

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