School’s out, but I’m still learning.

Here’s what I learned this week:

  1. The week is a lot longer when your husband leaves for a business trip to The Other Side of the World.
  2. Given the opportunity, my children will watch television, uninterrupted, for more hours than their ages in years.
  3. No one ever taught my youngest child to tie his shoes. (Guess what our homework will be this weekend?)
  4. If the babysitter sleeps over, the dogs will ignore me all night and into the wee hours of the morning. Yay!
  5. When construction begins on your home, the crew doesn’t seem to care that it’s the crack of dawn and they’re having a conversation under your bedroom window.
  6. If we receive buckets of rain on a Wednesday, there will be no excavation or rebar on a Thursday. Apparently, mud is an issue.
  7. If you complain to the company about chronic late newspaper deliveries, they move heaven and earth to make sure you don’t cancel.
  8. Apparently I cannot wear my gorgeous anniversary band all day, every day (they way I would like to) because I’m too rough and I’m killing it.
  9. If you don’t eat anything all day except a Fiber One bar and a cup of coffee, you’ll be hungry at the gym at 2.
  10. There are two dance classes at Thursday at 5:45 pm, but only one of them had dress rehearsal today at 5. And it wasn’t your daughter’s.
  11. Something is making a nest in our patio umbrella.
  12. If you shake out the twigs from the new nest in the patio umbrella on a daily basis, whatever it is that is trying to move in will just re-build overnight.
  13. If you leave the patio umbrella open, there will be no rebuilding.
  14. I’ve got cartilage (or something) floating around in my knee that precludes the normal movement of the knee from time to time.
  15. Floating, surprise! cartilage makes gym time interesting.
  16. The World Cup begins tomorrow, but Brazil doesn’t play until June 15th. This does *not* mean we will not watch Every.Single.Game.
  17. Not one school uniform piece (four kids x multiple uniforms) survived the school year. The good folks at Lands’ End will add extra warehouse staff at the end of July to manage my order.
  18. Even if there’s no school, the backpacks remain out where I am likely to trip over them.
  19. Tomato plants will die if you don’t water them. I can try to blame the deer or the weather for their demise, but the fact is I deprived them of water. No bruschetta for me.
  20. When you let your non-school-going children stay up late, you’re still asking for trouble. And so are they.

What did you learn this week?

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One Response to “School’s out, but I’m still learning.”

  1. Heather Says:

    This list made me laugh — so thank you! I love the new layout of your blog, too — are you hosting it on your own now? Did you create the design yourself? Tres belle!

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