Take off, eh Hoser?

I’m headed to Nova Scotia tomorrow — or to the Great White North, as it were. (But I’m doubting the “white” part. Great, yes. North, yes. White — here’s hoping no.)

I’ll be visiting our Neighbors to the North with one of my oldest and bestest friends, who has a family cabin to sell, and therefore to clean out and shape up for the listing. Just she and I are going, and although I anticipate some dust, maybe some spiders, and general cleaning, I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a while. She and I are going alone…no kids, no husbands…just us.

Can’t remember the last time she and I were alone together for an extended period of time. It’s been several years, and probably several children ago. About a year and a half ago we were in Cancun together, but that was with about a dozen other women —  and while it is true we were on a “girls’ weekend,” there were so many other “girls” on the weekend that our time together was filtered through many others’ conversations, group adventures, etc. It’s not the same as one-on-one time.

I’m so grateful that I have a friend like MA. Neither of us has a sister, and for many, many years we have fulfilled that role for each other. Now, because she lives across the continent from me, we don’t see each other nearly enough, and truth be told, we probably don’t talk enough either. But I feel like I’ve got my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in her life, and she’s got her finger on my pulse…and it only takes about 15 seconds before we are really and truly caught up with each other.

MA knew me before I had a drivers’ license, a boyfriend, a high school degree (a college degree!), a husband, a house, a dog, a child. Yeesh, she knew me as a child! It’s trite, it’s been overused, it’s cliche, but wow: a good friend in your life can be the salve for a wounded heart, that extra hit of joy during your highest highs, and the voice of reason when you need to quiet the noisy voices in your head. (And let’s not discount the lunatic to your straight man…the foundation of every great act.)

Love ya, Hoser. Let’s have a great time in Nova Scotia, eh?

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