I feel this way about some people I know. (Wordless Wednesday)

From Husband’s South African/World Cup Adventure, July 2010

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8 Responses to “I feel this way about some people I know. (Wordless Wednesday)”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Me Too!!

    Alyson says:

    But I will refrain from naming names or pointing fingers….particularly in my own kitchen….

  2. alicia Says:

    Well, that’s something you don’t see everyday. That’s for sure. Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy WW!

  3. Betherann Says:

    Ha! I saw similar signs while in Malaysia. I also learned that you really shouldn’t feed the monkeys, as suggested. Happy WW!

    Alyson says:

    I really do feel this way about feeding time around here…and it’s now time to get my crew up for the day. Watch your fingers, people. :)

  4. Rachel Says:

    I need that sign! I laughed when I saw your pic. :)
    Rachel recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – my surprise pic

  5. Jill Says:

    Ha! That’s awesome. I couldn’t agree more. How great that your hubs went to the World Cup! Dream trip for mine :)
    Jill recently posted..BEST BURGERS MANHATTAN

  6. Choi Says:

    Your sailboats look far more muoseritys in the fog than mine do… I love this shot! I would not want to be sailing in it though…I like to know what is coming! Plan on printing out my game card for tonight…thanks for joining in today and always!

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