Soap. It’s not just for bathing anymore. (Or, I was way ahead of the trend.)

Yesterday during my daily read-around, I ended up on a great blog called Dead Class Pets. In reading through several of her posts from this week, author Sarah wrote a piece about a new trend in cleanliness (read her post here: Dead Class Pets.) Apparently there’s a new development in soap: making it look like food items (Swedish fish, for example).

Now, I must say that when I read this I puffed out my chest a little bit. You see, I was quite the soap-eater back in The Day. Apparently as a tot I really enjoyed a nice fresh bar of Ivory soap, but I also branched out into Irish Spring (it was such a pretty green).

I am a first child, and you might think that my mother would have been mildly alarmed when her first-born picked up the soap out of the water and began gnawing on it. This was not the case. Mom is also a Registered Nurse, and as anyone who has one of these (or an MD, perhaps) as a parent can tell you, nothing short of a severed artery is worth getting worked up about. What’s a little soap in the system? Ivory is 99.9% pure, or some such thing. How bad could it be?

Turns out, it’s not bad at all — at least it hasn’t affected me (certainly that I’m aware of. Feel free to add your $0.02, friends and loved ones). Added bonus — or not — the threat of washing my mouth out (while never used in my house growing up) would have been a delightful turn of events: soap in the middle of the day, not served while naked and wet.

And I know you all are wondering, so I’ll tell you: it’s kinda salty. And has a nice texture on the teeth. Yum….I’m going to head for the shower.

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5 Responses to “Soap. It’s not just for bathing anymore. (Or, I was way ahead of the trend.)”

  1. MKJ Says:


    Alyson says:

    Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, Sister!!

  2. joann mannix Says:

    Ok, I’m going to admit something here. I parent in an old fashioned way and when my oldest girl started mouthing off to me, I did indeed stick that bar of soap in her mouth, just once. She had the nerve to tell me she liked it. I thought she was just being sassy. Maybe she really DID like it. I love all the soaps fashioned like animals or food. I’m just a sucker for soap sculptures.
    joann mannix recently posted..This Is What Fancy Feels Like

  3. Grace Says:

    Soap never scared us. My mom (the preacher’s wife) used some verse from the Bible about bad words being like vinegar, so any time we said anything inappropriate (or even just plain mean), we had swallow a tablespoon of vinegar.
    Grace recently posted..I’d Rather Be a Dumb Blonde than a Slow Brunette

  4. Soriano Says:

    Dear Julie Poodle, Your obsession with sianvg $ at the drug store is boarder line tea cup poodle melt down…please eat chocolate and re boot…Sam’s best friend @MissyBusybiz

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