If you need to sing out, sing out.

I love love love music. I love to sing all the time — in the shower, in the car, around the house. I like to dance around my kitchen too — and sometimes in places like the Target parking lot or, most recently to the horror of my 10-year-old son, the light bulb aisle of Home Depot. (I challenge you to hear “4 Minutes” with Madge and JT over a store sound system and not start to sing and bust a move. I just put it on now while I’m writing this and I can’t sit still. Excuse me for a moment.)

Ahem. Food shopping is particularly delightful because my local store’s playlist — or satellite channel — is fabulous. I used to wear my iPod but in addition to looking anti-social (which I am, but no need to be quite so blatant about it), I realized that the store’s music was as good as any I had ruining my hearing. The only downside? Those annoying “Shoppers, check out our fresh bread over in the bakery” -type of announcements that interrupt classics like Dionne Warwick’s Do You Know the Way to San Jose?.

My college roommates used to express amazement (and now my new roommates, er, children do too) that I knew the words to so many random and usually obscure songs. I happily admit I can’t recall what happened for the four years of college, or high school before that, but put on Delta Dawn’s Knock Three Times on the radio and I’ll give you every syllable. Probably with hand gestures, too.

The one caveat to all this — which drives my children insane, and the Husband too I think — is that my musical tastes are very varied, but I tend to enjoy the 70’s and 60’s XM channels above all other 175 options. 80’s? Really? I’ll give you Escape (The Pina Colada Song) because that says 70’s to me, no matter what iTunes says, but Juice Newton? No thanks. Hair bands? Ick. (I prefer hair, a la Andy Gibb or his 3 brothers.) 90’s? Uh, let’s see: graduating, getting married, having two kids. Gin Blossoms? Ok, but the Divinyls? Not so much. Bring on the 70’s — a time of no seatbelts, plaid pants and long car rides with Mom’s music (and no DVDs). It pleases me to no end that recently when I’d Really Love to See You Tonight (1976, England Dan & John Ford Coley) came on, my 11 year old joined in and sang with me. That, my friends, is my legacy. (One of them, at least.)

I listen to Imus in the Morning on WABC in NY (or watch him on Fox Business) every day. For a while now, he’s asked his guests (about 3 each morning) to provide him with a list of their 5 favorite songs. (Imus then ridicules [or not] the list, and often plays the songs as bumpers throughout the morning of the guest’s appearance.) Bruce’s “Born to Run” has been on more than one list…but there haven’t been that many repeated songs.  (Visit the Imus website for recent Top 5 lists.) This got me to thinking: could I pick 5 favorite songs — and then have them presented to the world? I don’t know that I could just hand over a list of titles — I’d have to put them in context. That day’s top 5 would depend on a million little things and maybe some big things too.

Not that you asked, but here are the tunes that have me singing in the shower, and the car, and dancing in public places (Target parking lots, anyone?). I choose these today in honor of the fact that Husband and I are off to Key West later today for a long weekend (and the children will hang with Grandma!):

>>Loving You is Easy (S. McLachlan)
This is her newest. Voice like an angel.
>>That’s How Strong My Love Is (A Keys)
Goofy bridal headpiece/necklace aside, this is a lovely song.
>>If I Had a Million Dollars (Barenaked Ladies)
Is there a song that’s more fun? And I own a green coat, and it’s not cruel.
>>You’re My Home (B Joel)
Possibly the most beautiful love song ever.
>>Let’s Get It Started (Black Eyed Peas)
We’ll be singing this over the Keys causeway. Or possibly at EWR airport as we go thru security for the Miami flight.
>>Unglamorous (L McKenna)
For every mother who ever stood in the kitchen at the end of a long day and was grateful that she hadn’t lost her mind and that she still loved her husband and family.
>>I Like the Way You Move (Outkast)
Another one for the Mustang convertible as we head to the Keys. I won’t sing it thru security as they might get annoyed and subject me to more searches than I need.
>>You Are (L Richie)
Gotta throw this in for the Husband — LR is his favorite.  I’m hardpressed to tell you why.
>>We Weren’t Crazy (J Gracin)
We’ve been together a long time, Husband and me. Although we may be crazy, we are still crazily happy.
>> Lucky as Me (P Vassar)
See above. And love me some Phil V — great singer -songwriter.
>>Joy to the World (Three Dog Night)
Do you think I could get a TSA agent to sing along with me?
>>Margaritaville (J Buffet)
I’ll have one for you, people.

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4 Responses to “If you need to sing out, sing out.”

  1. liz Says:

    I’m the worst about music and movies. I don’t know why – I guess I just don’t care about either that much. But chances are I won’t know the song you may be referring to or have never seen the movie someone has mentioned.
    liz recently posted..True One-of-a-Kinds

    Alyson says:

    Then you clearly want me on your team for any Name That Tune kind of drinking games….

  2. Cecelia Winesap Says:

    For your trip – Bertie Higgins’ Key Largo

    Here’s a few more for you, to ring in the end of summer when you get back:

    Summer Breeze – Seals and Croft
    Lost in Love – Air Supply
    I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Song – Jim Croce
    She’s Gone – Hall and Oates
    Slow Ride – Foghat

    Those are a few of my end of summer favorites at least. You know how I feel about the 70’s. :)
    Cecelia Winesap recently posted..Confusion on the Soccer Field

    Alyson says:

    Forgot about Key Largo!!! Was just getting ready to leave and had some Jim Croce playing on the iPod, along with a bit of ELO and some Helen Reddy to round things out. (We’ve got construction going on here, and I’m sure the guys are like, “Who the hell lives here?”)

    **Air Supply is another of husband’s faves. (Not mine. LR and AS — but I still married him.)


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