Tiny Bubbles: An Appreciation. (It’s an amateur sonnet!)

No matter the weather: sun, snow or rain
Every party or program improves quick
With a glass, cup or tall flute of champagne
But careful: don’t drink too much and get sick.

Effervescent gold gets up in your nose
Tiny bubbles that can tickle or hurt
The happiness starts way down in your toes
So delicious, don’t save it for dessert

Call it champagne, prosecco or cava
Doesn’t matter as long as you have it
When the bottle’s done, bring on the java
Or better still open another split!

Songs have been written about it for years
I’m going to go find a glass right now. Cheers!

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12 Responses to “Tiny Bubbles: An Appreciation. (It’s an amateur sonnet!)”

  1. Grace Says:

    Very nice. The sonnet, I mean. Tiny bubbles have been known to put me on my fanny awfully fast.
    Grace recently posted..Teaching Profanity as a Second Language

    Alyson says:

    Indeed. But it was hard enough for me to do the a/b/a/b c/d/c/d rhyming thing that I couldn’t introduce: drunken fool, bedecked with drool, fall on your kiester, ruin Easter, etc. It was getting too hard.

  2. CDG Says:

    Is there HTML code for genuflection in the comment field?

    Nicely done!
    CDG recently posted..Les Vacances

    Alyson says:

    Oh, you are too kind. I feel like there are some people/entities I must thank….Did you know there’s such a thing as an on-line rhyming dictionary??

  3. The Literary Lioness Says:

    Wow! I’m impressed. A sonnet! I could never write a sonnet.
    The Literary Lioness recently posted..Bubbles

    Alyson says:

    I’m not ready to wrestle Shakespeare’s crown as the Bard (or whatever) away from him….thanks to those nice people at Wikipedia, who reminded me of my high school English teachers’ instructions about sonnets, quatrains, couplets, iambic pentameter, etc. It’s been a looooong time.

  4. liz Says:

    The keister/Easter pairing would have made it a home run, Alyson! :)

    I’m pretty sure the blog of the Nerd Mafia is coursing through your veins.
    liz recently posted..Bags of Memories

    Alyson says:

    Will have to keep better recall of my audience when I next write a sonnet. Should have realized that would have been the best couplet of the piece. As I work on my haikus, cinquains and limericks I’ll be more senstive to my readers’ needs for debauchery and such. :)

  5. Ms. Understood Says:

    Great poem. Makes me wanna pop a bottle (of apple cider, LOL, got some in the fridge right now).
    Ms. Understood recently posted..I feel something in there

  6. Booyah's Momma Says:

    Nicely done, and very impressive! Written like a true made man. Or is it enforcer? This new terminology is really messing me up.
    Booyah’s Momma recently posted..How to not party like a rockstar

  7. KLZ Says:

    I feel like I should start reciting this at weddings. So good!
    KLZ recently posted..Like giving Meth to an Meth Addictbut Legal

  8. Catherine Says:

    Alyson, great work! It always amazes me how many writers say they use sonnets as a WARM-up, as in “Before I write every day I bang out a sonnet.” I, on the other hand, need a week’s vacation after writing a sonnet. Anyway, I love the closing couplet and the second stanza best…next time, you might give yourself a break on the rhyme scheme AND the strict syllable count, like “Sonnet” by Billy Collins:

    All we need is fourteen lines, well, thirteen now,
    and after this one just a dozen
    to launch a little ship on love’s storm-tossed seas,
    then only ten more left like rows of beans.
    How easily it goes unless you get Elizabethan
    and insist the iambic bongos must be played
    and rhymes positioned at the ends of lines,
    one for every station of the cross.
    But hang on here wile we make the turn
    into the final six where all will be resolved,
    where longing and heartache will find an end,
    where Laura will tell Petrarch to put down his pen,
    take off those crazy medieval tights,
    blow out the lights, and come at last to bed.

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