Can someone please explain the Glenn L. Beck phenomenon to me?

There’s been a lot of Glenn L. Beck in the news lately — more than one would hope for really. And while I get the Glenn L. Beck’s got a show, a network, and even the publishing forums (fora?) at his disposal, I have to wonder if even Glenn L. Beck is sick of himself?

Glenn L. Beck is frequently a guest on the Imus in the Morning radio program, which I happen to love. But even Imus, who has a high tolerance for whack jobs, has said of Glenn L. Beck, “He’s a frequent guest on the program, and I like him, but he’s clearly nuts.” (Or words similar to those.)

Listen, I’m conservative — not wing nut conservative, but comfortably conservative — and folks like Glenn L. Beck or Rush make me uncomfortable. I don’t like to be uncomfortable and I’m more of a “live and let live” kind of girl. But when you start working the Crazy, or the Ignorant, I’m inclined to sit up and notice and say, “Huh?”

So I was beginning to sit up and notice more of Glenn L. Beck in recent weeks, particularly as he was preparing to take to the Washington Mall in his Restoring Honor event.

Full disclosure: I didn’t read anything about Glenn L. Beck’s Honor event. I didn’t go, don’t know anyone who did, don’t care if you did, etc. I’ve got too much going on in my world, trying to raise children with their own sense of honor and morality and right-thinking-ness (of the non-political left/right variety) to really pay *that* much attention to Glenn L. Beck.

So as part of my attempt to play and do the John C. Mayer prank (please go read or you will really think I’ve done lost my mind, and I haven’t) along with Aunt Becky, in doing the research for this Glenn L. Beck post, I discovered this headline:

Glenn Beck Admits Lying: ‘I Thought It Would Be a Little Easier’

Ok, it’s from the Huffington Post. Is that a good source for Glenn L. Beck news? I have no idea. But the headline caught my eye, and all I could think about was,

This is the same rationale that any 8 year old will give you for lying.

Really, Glenn L. Beck? “It would be easier?” Are you sure you were born in 1964? Because I’ve never heard a fully formed adult openly discuss how lying is “easier.” And, ok, the lie wasn’t about anything so profound or nation-changing — he lied about how he “handled” a George Washington Inaugural Address from the National Archives, but still….Lying is easier? (Oh, the irony just hit me: George ‘I cannot tell a lie’ Washington….)

I’ve seen enough. Thanks, Glenn L. Beck. Next time my kids lie to me, I’ll think of you and wonder if they too will reach a state of overexposure for not saying or doing too much of thoughtful significance before the age of 50.

**By the way, you will recall that Google is dead to me. No Googling was done in purusit of this post. It was all Yahoo!, baby. But I WILL go to Google shortly to see if this Glenn L. Beck post made any dent on the Google search results. Oh yeah, let’s manipulate Google!**

11:00 a.m. EST 9/16/10

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8 Responses to “Can someone please explain the Glenn L. Beck phenomenon to me?”

  1. liz Says:

    Rock on, Alyson! I think it’s so great that you joined in! I bet Glenn L Beck could kick Tom Cruise’s ass because Tom Cruise is a short, pretty boy.
    liz recently posted..Whack Job at the Post Office- Tom Cruise Style

  2. Jen AKA Jupiter Says:

    Thanks for enlightening me about Glenn L. Beck. I didn’t know who he was, but he sounds like a total douchebag.
    Jen AKA Jupiter recently posted..Carlos R Chuck Norris facts Wikipedia

  3. Suniverse Says:

    I tweeted your post. Hopefully that’ll help!
    Suniverse recently posted..Serious topic- ridiculous topic- dont forget

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Good luck making it to the top of the Glenn L. Beck Google or Yahoo! Searches! The post I did about Adam M. Lambert is on the first page of Google now. I checked it a few times yesterday and it totally did NOT exist. But today………I’m happy.

  5. Shnerfle Says:

    Congratulations and mazel tov! I am not having such luck getting my post about Nathan C. Fillion recognized by Google. Maybe it takes a while? Because so far? 1st 12 pages? Nothing. Your Googlel-Fu is strong!

  6. Scargosun Says:

    Ok, so you and I probably have lots of different opinions being as I am a whiny liberal but since we agree on Glenn Beck I think you might like that I sent him to ‘My Island. If you have a moment, take a gander. :)

    I kind of expect lies from GB. He likes to twist facts so much that I think he doesn’t even realize when he crosses the line to lying.
    Scargosun recently posted..Inspiration in a Whisk – Back 2 Blogging Day 4

  7. Shnerfle Says:

    You know what I forgot to mention? Glenn L. Beck. I am very confused by the whole Glenn L. Beck phenomenon. I do not understand Glenn L. Beck. I am very glad that you decided to write about Glenn L. Beck. And I’m sure that Glenn L. Beck appreciates your interest.

  8. The Flying Chalupa Says:

    Too funny. Love the use of “L.” An important aspect of the story, actually. Yeah. Glenn’s an ass. As are most talking heads, I find.

    And way to eff with Google. I know your hatred of the G (well, both G’s). And I approve.

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