No one told me this.

We’re building an addition onto our already really wonderful house. We’re expanding the family room and finishing part of the basement at the same time. Because our family is large, our family room must be large….and this one isn’t. Ok, yes, it’s a good size. But our family of six cannot huddle ’round American Idol together — there’s simply not enough room. So we’re going out the back, and doubling the size of the room. Currently, here’s where we are:

Doesn’t seem too bad, right? And believe me when I tell you it will be spectacular when it is finished. So far, it’s been a relatively easy (for me) project, with lots of fun decisions like tile (bathroom’s in the basement), speaker placements, switch placements, etc.

But yesterday I got some news I was completely *not* expecting: In order to match the new family room’s hardwood floor to the old floors, the old floors will have to be sanded and refinished at the same time. AND because the old family room floors are laid end to end into the kitchen, there’s no logical place to stop where you won’t see a finishing line SO of course the kitchen/family room space will have to be done at the same time.

AND in order to do that, there will be a large amount of moving of furniture, sanding, staining, clear coating, and other wise NO LIVING IN THAT SPACE. Did I say NO LIVING THERE? Why yes, yes I did.

To recap, I have two, sometimes three, dogs and all the time four children. And a husband. We will have to move.

I am well aware that this is not the end of the world, and that the circumstances for the move are, obviously, self-inflicted and wonderful.

But I wasn’t expecting it, and now I must plan for a mini-move. I like to think I’m competent and resilient, but this could push me over the edge. Pardon me while I go contemplate logistics. If you need me, I’ll be surfing TripAdvisor for our fabulous vacation in…Princeton.

This is what we've got now. You can't see it, but I've written Post No Bills. Sadly, the kids don't get it and the contractor doesn't follow it.

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4 Responses to “No one told me this.”

  1. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points Says:


    This is why our kitchen remains the size of an iPhone.

    Cause I’m not sure I can deal with the remodel.
    Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points recently posted..The GUFP Part 6

  2. Heather Says:

    Um… hopefully all that floor-work won’t take terribly long??
    Heather recently posted..This Moment

  3. Lou Says:

    I’m sorry, WHAT?!
    Lou recently posted..Who wants to hear how high school is

  4. liz Says:

    no chance of carpeting the family room???
    liz recently posted..Is Social Media a Fad

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