“Wow. Your hair is getting really shaggy. You need a haircut.”

displeased, moaning noises

“Wow. You are starting to look like Justin Bieber, and not in a good way. You need a haircut.”

distressed, moaning noises

“Mom, can you cut my hair?”

“Me too!” (from the one making the distressed moaning noises)

“Report to the driveway with no shirt and just your boxers. I’ll be right there with the buzzers.”

Yes, it’s *that* kind of barbershop.

“Can I have a mohawk?”


“REALLY? I can have a MOHAWK?”

Negotiations are opened regarding length and duration of mohawk. It is further agreed it will be removed upon our departure for the annual vacation/Christmas card photo session.

“Hey! I’m getting a MOHAWK!”

taunting noises aimed at older brother

Puck, Jr. (Even though he's not allowed to watch Glee!, I explained the reference.)


“Me too! Wait, can I be BALD?”


“That’s what I really wanted, but I didn’t think you’d let me.”

Mother of the Year.
Please note the unusual spelling of my first name.

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10 Responses to “Barbershop.”

  1. Missy @ Wonder, Friend Says:

    You are a rock-star mom. These are the things kids remember and tell stories about for years to come.

    Love Puck Jr.! Cute, cute.

    Alyson says:

    I sure hope so. I’d hate to think they can only recall the “pick up your socks before I lose my blooming mind” Mom!

  2. Marilyn Knight Just Says:

    Oh Man! I just took my kids to the barber. Orion got a buzz cut. He considers it his “summer” cut. Sirius would not go for a buzz cut. Sirius only permits standard gentleman’s cut. Can you do that one? How much do you charge? Marilyn

    Alyson says:

    It’s very inexpensive, mainly because the Stylist reserves the right to change styles at any given moment — usually because her hand slipped or she used the wrong setting, etc.
    It’s not the highest-end of salons. As evidenced by the “boxers-in-the-driveway” atmosphere.

  3. Lori @ In Pursuit of It All Says:

    Can you do me?

    I’m thinking that bald may happen before I finally grow the bangs out.

    Growing out bangs may be one of the worst things ever. On earth.

    Alyson says:

    I don’t have bangs. Because my Curly Girl Stylist decreed that “bangs are verboten” on Curly Girls. Seems sort of arbitrary and whatnot, but I think that’s the Stylist Way. Which is why, if you should walk in, I shall similarly and arbitrarily decide your hairstyle. How do you feel about Dorothy Hamill?

  4. Marilyn Knight Just Says:

    All I know is the only other woman who I know who not only said yes to mowhawk but then actually did the honors was my Grandma. She gave my Dad a mowhawk my when he asked for one in his 7th grade year. He might have been the only 7th grader in the entire US with that hair style since it was 1950. So, truly this was a remarkably bold move. I have a new level of reverence for you. That is almost as crazy as home schooling 😉

  5. Suniverse Says:

    You? Best. Mom. Ever.

    Also? Bangs on curly hair? NEVER a good idea. Trust me.

    Alyson says:

    The ruling on bangs may be for my own protection, agreed, but there are days with the Giant Irish Forehead is not a good look.

  6. Cecelia Winesap Says:

    Ah the joys of summer! Can’t wait to do this with my little man!

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