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About the title

“Common sense and a sense of humor
are the same thing, moving at different speeds.
A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.
–William James (1842-1910), leader
in the philosophical movement of Pragmatism

Sometimes I go about my day, interacting with children and adults and the world at large and I wonder, “Wow — get a sense of humor,” or alternatively, “Wow, that person doesn’t have the sense God gave a goat.”

I’d like to think that I do, in fact, have a sense of humor and more sense than a goat…and I love the idea that these two qualities are intertwined.

About me

What do you want to know? The biographical? Born in NYC in the late ’60s. Lived in NJ all my life, except for a 4 year visit to Washington, DC for college (BS in Linguistics, thanks for asking), and a hellish 10 week stay in Leningrad in the early 90’s (forced minor in Russian, don’t remind me). (Still can’t really talk about it. I begin to twitch.)

Current gig: domestic manager in Princeton, NJ for my well-traveled (and traveling) husband, and four children. Oh, and two — sometimes three — Goldendoodles who adore me unconditionally. (I spend my days leading a Doodle parade from one room to the next. It can get exhausting.)

The rest? I like pretzels, cool mornings, 1970’s music, baseball, flip flops, bubbly wine, fancy resorts situated on warm sand near blue water with staff who bring fruity drinks, hydrangeas, my Kindle, reading good writing, writing (sometimes it’s good, sometimes….), Tim McGraw concerts, cheese, my big SUV/truck thing, my four babies, the Husband.

Oh, and I’ve got a Facebook page for this blog, and I enjoy Twitter — I’m sure to the secret horror of my teenage girl.

Contact me directly: amlanders93@hotmail.com

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