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Sometimes, it’s better not to know. But this isn’t one of those times.

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

My girls and I are off to see a nutritionist tomorrow afternoon. As part of their annual physicals (and mine, it must be said), some attention was given to a plethora of potential problems: BMI, weight, height, blood chemistry, etc. Frankly, the picture isn’t all that fabulous for any of us (oh gall bladder, I’m looking at you). Now, it isn’t horrendous either (yet) — but I decided that we, the girls and I, would be proactive about acquiring good habits, sound nutrition, etc. I suppose it may be perceived as sexist, but I think it’s very true — teach a girl something and you can be sure it will be passed on to her family one day (or, to my current way of thinking, Husband and Sons). At any rate, in preparation for the visit to the nutritionist, she asked us to keep a casual list of the food choices we made this week. (And nice timing, me, to have to keep the list in the week of  our vacation. Excellent planning.)

Forthwith, the items that have been put down my gullet during the week. The truth probably hurts — or at least causes heartburn:

And this is just the stuff I’ll admit to. Notice that it doesn’t include the good stuff, like the daily banana I had, or the giant salads I ate — you know the boring, healthy diet stuff. Where’s the interest in that?

Basic Math Facts.

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Days until school starts: 55

Number of children requiring new uniforms: 3
Number of different school logos: 3 (middle school/lower school for boys; middle school for girl)
Colors of uniform shirts:  4
Shirts per child: 4*
*Number of stained shirts per child: 4
Pairs of Pants per child: 3*
*Number of ripped knees per pair of pants per child:  greater than or equal to 1
Number of kilts per child: 2 (but there’s only one girl…phew)

Number of boxes from Lands’ End:  greater than or equal to x, where x is the number of shipments that LE will use to deliver the boxes, based on a complicated algorithm of monogram/logo time.
Dollar amount on the invoice from Lands’ End:  greater than $600 (and this includes $0.01 logos and free shipping)

Number of days in the school year when a child will announce, just before the bus arrives, “I don’t have any uniform _______” (fill in the blank: shirt, pants, kilt):   **

**This is actually a trick question. The answer will depend on several variables, including but not restricted to:

  1. The degree of uniform required: is it a field trip day? a Mass day? a casual day?
  2. The amount of “hurry up” expended that morning: did alarms go off on time? Does Mom seem particularly crazed this morning?
  3. The number of stained/ripped/otherwise out of commission uniform pieces that have not yet been shown to an adult in charge.

The learning never ends.

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(I may own part of that company by now.)

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