Don't underestimate this life skill.

The children around this house are very split on what they want to do this summer. Some want to return to the Summer Camp of Fabulousness that they’ve done for the past two years; others want to stick even closer to home and go to camp at their school. We’ll see what happens. Now that the snow is gone, and Spring Break is concluded, I can turn my attention to summer planning.
However, it occurs to me that I could make a few bucks myself this summer by running my own summer program. I am inspired by the joy that Son #2 found in a seemingly simple event on board the cruise last week. I think it has endless potential for summer class, and more than that — it’s something that every boy and girl can take forward into their lives and impress their friends and loved ones.
First, she appeared unannounced one evening:

Then, later in the week, this guy was discovered lounging on the bed:


The coup de grace (or d’etat, depending on your feelings about them) was this crew:


Son #2 in particular was enamored of all of these critters, and so we attended a seminar on them. That was all it took — 30 minutes of folding and tucking, and S2 decided he was The Man. Those of you attending a lunch or dinner here — or those lucky enough to enjoy the Cotswold Guest Suite — look out! Who knows who will appear, at the behest of S2.

So, you moms out there — consider Towel Origami Summer Camp in Princeton this year. I’ll supply the towels, I’ll supply the fun. Tuition rates to follow.

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  1. Cynthia Bertolini Says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am coming to camp at your house,Al! Is lunch included?

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