The things I resort to…


Dear Boys,



is not The Enemy. There is no need to bark at it — uncontrollably and with great ferocity — each time you look out the home office window. For one, it scares the hell out of me while I am trying to read Important News (Prince of Persia  reviews, “Man Crosses English Channel with Helium Balloons”) and two, it’s been there all damn day. If it were going to eat us, it would have done so by now. 

No, our New Orange Friend has arrived in anticipation of getting started — one of these days, when the Powers That Be in the Township grant us permits — on our summer building project. For the next couple of weeks, it will be living here among us. 

In anticipation of that, please recall the lesson we just had, whereby I sat here 


and said stupid things like, “C’mere boys! Come see me! Come smell our new friend! It’s okay!” in a dopey, sing-song-y voice. We’re all friends here now. 

Unless it were to start up on its own and advance toward the house growling ominously, please reserve your Urgent Barking Activity to the wild turkeys, small squirrels, and oh yes, the FedEx/UPS/USPS trucks driving by. 

Thank you.


So brave. Look how close he's getting to the New Orange Friend.

P.S. Feel free to growl menacingly at any Township inspector-types you see. And by growling, I don’t mean rush them in an uncontrollable mash of licking, loving Doodle. Your cooperation is appreciated. 

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6 Responses to “The things I resort to…”

  1. Tracie Says:

    I have to admit here that if I was a dog, I might be a little bit frightened that it would try to eat me. =)

    The things that we do for our dogs. lol

  2. Aimee @ Ain't Yo Mama's Blog Says:

    I feel like I would be having the same conversation with my toddler if that thing was in my yard! Your dogs are adorable.

    Thanks for stopping by my SITS potluck day! Good times!


  3. theonlycin Says:

    Oh, I laughed at this! But the orange monster does look a bit scary.

  4. Country-Fried Mama Says:

    I’m not a dog person, but that story almost makes me sad we don’t have a pup. So funny!

  5. pajamadays Says:

    Your dogs are beautiful! Good luck on your summer project.

  6. joann mannix Says:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m just playing catch up after a long, few days away from my computer. I’ve missed the blog world.

    I love your babies! And I feel for you! I have labradoodles. The momma and the two 6 month old babies or the Moron Twins as I lovingly refer to them in these trying days of puppyhood. Oh, the barking in this house! We love to bark at everything that moves or anything that is unfamiliar.

    They were going crazy the other day and I ran into the kitchen to see who was invading our home. My daughter had propped up her American Girl doll on the kitchen counter and there the three of them stood, ferociously guarding our home against Kit, the American Girl Doll.

    Hey, I never, ever pimp my blog out on someone’s comments, but having doodles I thought you’d might like to read about a little something my girls put me through recently. Please feel free to disregard if you’re not inclined, but I have a feeling you might just enjoy this read.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I’m so glad you did, because now I discovered you.

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